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Lights, Camera, Enticing: Behind the Scenes in NYC

Welcome to one of the most coveted neighborhoods in New York City and the setting of our latest commercial for the new Enticing Lift Bra. We filmed inside an Upper East Side mansion for two days last November. Watch the behind-the-scenes video below and scroll for more pictures and details from the shoot.


We started by bringing in a gigantic crane with a huge light attached. (With the city’s permission, of course.)
This way, the morning light we wanted could last all day long. The light was directed through the windows of this 7-story mansion.

Inside, the grand staircase and walls are covered to protect the historic home. Learn more about its history here.

Next on the agenda? A fitting with our beautiful model, Hannah Ferguson.

Now it’s time for hair. Get a step-by-step tutorial.

Makeup too. Check out the brushes and blushes galore. See how to get the look.

Ready on set. We think she looks gorgeous, don’t you?

Monitors are positioned throughout the mansion. This way the crew can watch while still maintaining privacy on the set.  (After all, it IS a lingerie shoot.)

A handheld camera provides a more intimate feel.


The day ends with all smiles on set. That’s a wrap!

Love the bra? Shop it here.

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