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Like all delicate lingerie, bras require special care to maintain their shape and beautiful fit. To make caring for your bras easier, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help ensure longer lasting lingerie.

TIP 1: Rotate Your Bras

Soma recommends you avoid wearing the same bra two days in a row, as perspiration can cause a bra’s elastic to deteriorate. Soma suggests having at least three bras in your wardrobe- one to wear, one to wash and one to rest for a day. Rotating your bras in this way will help each to last longer.

TIP 2: Hand Washing Is Preferred

Every bra is unique, with different fabrics, trims and care requirements. Read labels for washing and temperature instructions. In general, hand washing in cold water is preferred.
• Use one capful of Soma’s Gentle Wash per gallon of cold water.
• Squeeze the garment gently to distribute suds.
• Rinse thoroughly.
• Gently roll in a dry towel to remove excess moisture.
• Hang to finish drying.

Soma’s Gentle Wash

TIP 3: Machine Wash Carefully

Machines can cause underwires to twist and poke through, cups to shrink and crumble, elastic to stretch and delicate lace and nylon to lose their looks. If you must machine wash, do not wash with heavy items like jeans or towels, which can twist bras out of shape.
• Hook the backs of your bras and tighten straps to prevent twisting, tangling and catching on lace and clothing.
• Place all lingerie in Soma’s Lingerie Wash Bag to keep it safe from the agitator.
• Add one ounce of Soma’s Gentle Wash in cold water on the delicate cycle.
• Avoid fabric softeners as they reduce the effectiveness of certain fabrics.
• Hang to dry. Do not machine dry, which will destroy the elastics.

Soma’s Lingerie Wash Bag

TIP 4: Continue The Care

After your bras are completely dry, stack them in a row so the cups fit into each other, or hang them on hangers. Avoid folding bras in half with one cup inside the other, which could alter their shape.

TIP 5: Visit Regularly For A Fitting

Bra size can change up to six times in a woman’s lifetime. By visiting your Soma Intimates boutique for a Free Expert Bra Fitting every six months to one year, you can be sure the bras in your wardrobe are fitting correctly and maintaining their shape.

Intimately, Soma

For more on bra care and fit, visit, where you can view videos, chat with a Soma Fit Stylist and find the perfect Soma bra for you.



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6 Responses

  1. Belinda Parker

    I love your bras. They are so comfortable. With navy blue summer clothes being every where and so popular…. why do you all not offer navy blue bras and panties?

  2. Kali

    As a first time customer,I was not impressed with the quality of the bra or the customer service that I received from Soma. The pin on the front clasp broke off so the bra is done. I only had it for 90 days, might have wore it 4 times. The response that I got was no you can’t exchange and here is a link to how you take care of your bra. I’m going back to Victoria Secret

    1. Soma Intimates

      Hi Kali, we’ll arrange for you be contacted so additional information can be obtained about the style purchased. Thank you.

  3. Daniele Tucker

    Agree with Kali. I purchased five bras from Soma in September. Two I’ve never worn and still have tags. They were too big because I was sized incorrectly and it was past the 60 days so they wouldn’t exchange them. The two I kept I put in rotation with 2 other bras from Nordstroms. Last month one had the wire pop through while wearing it. I tried to take it back because if the issue and was told they only last 6 months. Really? I have several in rotation and have never heard or had a bra last 6 months. I guess I’m going back to Nordstroms for my bras from now on. Waste of about $300.

    1. jenadelaney

      Hi Daniele,

      We’re sorry to hear you feel this way and we want you to know that we do value your concerns. If you could please visit our Facebook page at, and send us a private message with your email address and/or customer number, we’d like to look into this further.


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