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Enter to Win Soma’s Pajamas Holiday Giveaway

Is there any better feeling than waking up on a cold winter’s morn, stretching as you get out of your warm bed, and cozying up with a hot cup of coffee or tea? We don’t think so, either. But in reality, holiday mornings are hectic and the nights can be sleepless. We’re here with a solution to give you silent nights with our 12 Days of PJs Holiday Giveaway. Each day November 5-16, 2018, we’re giving away a different Cool Nights® or Embraceable™ pajama to one lucky winner in an exclusive, festive print. Check out some of our favorites below, and enter to win for yourself or for a lucky someone on your list.

Sneak Peek: Holiday Giveaway Pajama Prints

Enter to win one new pajama each day in festive prints.

12 Days of PJs: Embraceable™ Snowglobes Ivory

Inspire dreams of pretty snowy scenes. Perfect to wear during your gift exchange and holiday movie night with your best friend.

12 Days of PJs: Embraceable™ Celestial Shadow Blue

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow—while you stay snuggled up, dreaming of winning more PJs.

12 Days of PJs: Cool Nights® Festivity Mystery Foil

Dream. Sparkle. Shine. It’s what’s best of the season.

12 Days of PJs: Cool Nights® Jingle Plaid Mystery Blue

Get your jingle on.

Enter to win one new pajama each day in festive prints.

12 Days of PJs: Cool Nights® Garland Stripe Pink

All wrapped up in festive garlands on pretty pink.

12 Days of PJs: Cool Nights® Lace Trim Stylish Paisley Mystery Blue

Seeing a pattern: Soft colors. Soft fabric. Soft lace.

12 Days of PJs: Embraceable™ Black with Pink Trim

Pink – piping hot and sweeter than cocoa on classic black.

12 Days of PJs: Cool Nights® Winsome Dot Opal Gray

Spot on, and soooo charming.

Enter to win one new pajama each day in festive prints.

12 Days of PJs: Embraceable™ Presents Ivory

Make your presents felt.

12 Days of PJs: Cool Nights® Winsome Dot Heather Quartz

🎶 Deck yourself with dots and Cool Nights. 🎶Fa la la la la.

12 Days of PJs: Embraceable™ Micro Dot Vintage Pink

Why, dots beautiful!

12 Days of PJs: Cool Nights® Heather Shadow Blue

Why not have a blue, blue Christmas?

This is just a peek at what you can win in the pajamas sweepstakes. Click each day for a chance to win the holiday PJ print of the day!


Miss the Sweepstakes? For more cozy, festive, and sparkly PJ options, look no further than our biggest boutique, Soma.com

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