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Meet the Singer: The Voice of Our Latest TV Spot

Erin poses for a picture on stage at Soma headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida.

From the moment we heard Erin McCarley’s song, we knew it was perfect for our newest TV spot. “There’s No Holding You Down” is uplifting, just like our Enticing Lift bra. Erin’s music is everywhere right now—featured in TV shows (most recently “Nashville”) and remixed on the radio (“I Can Be Somebody.”) All while she’s working on her third record and preparing to tour. Watch her exclusive performance at Soma headquarters, then read along as we chat with Erin about singing, songwriting and her musical guilty pleasure.

Q: You grew up in Garland, Texas singing and dancing. What was that like?
A: I started singing with my sister in the bathtub—Cyndi Lauper and all that pop music. I also grew up dancing and really wanted to be a dancer in a music video. It was a natural progression, singing was my thing. I started singing professionally 15 years ago, then got into songwriting when I picked up the guitar.

Q: We love “There’s No Holding You Down.” What inspired you to write that song?
A: I was pep-talking myself. I think we can all stay in the past or look ahead. Sometimes it feels like we’re letting fear creep in, instead of being present.

Q: How do you talk yourself into feeling better, uplifted?
A: I’ve struggled with depression. It’s something I’ve fought and have been able to let go and find security, through conversation with friends and family.

Q: What does it feel like when you release a new song?
A: It’s interesting because you form your own love affair with it [the music] and once you let it out and opinions roll in, that’s always scary. But I think it’s exciting when it’s an uplifting message and an empowering message.

Q: What’s been the highlight of your career?
A: Playing Letterman was the highlight. That was so great because it was when my first record was released. You feel like you’ve waited your whole life to do that. My parents flew up to New York. We played at Joe’s Pub that night. That was a fun day, a memorable day.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?
A: It helps to be in a community of creative people. If you’re a writer, you just have to write, write and write. Be patient, surround yourself with people better than yourself and take time to learn and create.

Jenny, our blogger, getting to know Erin.

Want to hear more from Erin? Her newest songs, “Out of the Fog” and “I Can Be Somebody” are available on iTunes. Plus, listen for “There’s No Holding You Down” in our newest TV spot


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