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Measure Up: The Slimming Legging

Slimming leggings take up to 1" or more off your waist.

We at Soma are just like you: always improving. We had listened to your comments about our Slimming Leggings, and worked to make them even better with stronger opacity, wicking, and more slimming power than ever before. We knew we were onto something with this incredible new version, and were eager to get honest feedback. So we staged a try-on event here at our Fort Myers campus to see just how great our improved Slimming Leggings were. We invited women from our brand as well as our sister bands, Chico’s and White House Black Market, to join in and get slim. 

So, what exactly did we do to test our Slimming Leggings?

For each wear trial participant we:

  1. Measured each participant’s waist before trying on the leggings.
  2. Let each associate try on a pair of leggings in their size.
  3. Measured their waist once Slimming Leggings were on.

How Did Our Slimming Leggings Measure Up?

125 participants and several hours later, we learned that the leggings exceeded our wildest expectations:

44 people (35.2%) had 1”-2” taken off their waist, while 36 (28.8%) saw a difference of between 2”-3”.


What Did They Say About Our Slimming Leggings?

“Holds in my middle, smooths everything out, but feels soft, not like shapewear. I wore these all day and now I can’t live without them. These leggings are amazing!” -Tara, wear trial participant

“I went in expecting maybe an inch, but was shocked to see 1.5”! Can’t wait to buy these!” – Ali, wear trial participant

“I’ve always sworn by these, but 3” off my waist has me ecstatic! So ready for tunic season!” – Jaclyn, wear trial participant

Slimming Leggings are new and improved

Curious to take the challenge yourself? Shop our new and improved Slimming Leggings  (also available in crop length) and slim for yourself.

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    Do you measure for correct bra size at your store. I am having so much trouble finding a bra that fits right and is comfortable

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