The Bras you Need To Get You Through the Week

By Gabrielle Porcaro

We all have that favorite bra in the drawer. The one we gravitate towards daily regardless if it makes sense with what you will be doing all day. We need to let that bra have a break from time to time. You should have a wardrobe of bras that suits any scenario; from work to rest to play. An easy way to get your collection started is to focus on having three styles of bras for each type of day.

Starting with your 9-to-5 Monday-Friday life, you need bras that work as hard as you do. It should support you the entire day whether you have an early morning meeting or after-hours client drinks. One of the latest styles from Soma, the Vanishing® 360 Coverage bra, will smooth you all around. The back lies flat while the front is minimal, preventing any bumps. Wear anything on top of it without any fuss. (Grab the matching hipster panty for a complete smooth set). Two other options – try a t-shirt bra and a full coverage balconette, both of which are uncomplicated and will be a good foundation for any work clothes.

Hopefully, you get some rest during the week. For those few and far between moments, your breast should still be supported but not to the maximum level as they did during work. Comfort is key and maybe some modesty whether you are catching up on TV on your couch, picking the kids up at school, or taking the dog for a walk. Stock your drawer with wireless options like Enbliss® and Embraceable®. The softness will keep you relaxed and cozy. A bralette, which has no hooks or hardware, will make you feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all. It will also make you want to wear it to bed, which we suggest doing with any of these.

Whether a night out happens once a week, a month, or only a few times a year, every woman needs to have a couple of bras ready and waiting. While these tend to be sexier, there is no need to sacrifice comfort or support. The Embraceable Geo Lace bra has a pretty lacey back but also has full coverage cups and underwire. It begs to peek out under a racerback tank or backless top. The Enbliss Lifting Demi works with a variety of necklines and will give you a boost for the nights when you want to take your cleavage out for a spin. Or you can always keep it simple and sexy. The sheer black cup on the Lightest Lift™ Perfect Coverage bra will not only work with most of your closet but will be a pleasant surprise to anyone who gets to see you in it. These confidence-boosting bras might inspire you to try a new halter dress, say yes to a date, or get out on the dance floor.

All your bras should have you feeling great no matter what the activity. Let Soma bras do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your life.



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