Top 5 Wireless Bra Myths: BUSTED

Some days, we just don’t feel like going the extra wire. So wireless bra, it is. But what do we give up when we leave our underwire in the top drawer? Support? Shape? Style? Not necessarily.  Wireless bras are also recommended for post-surgical wear. Let’s get intimate and debunk the top 5 myths about wireless bras.

MYTH: Wireless bras are only for smaller sizes.

Wireless bras have come a long way. No longer are wireless bras only for pre-teens and athletes. In fact, Soma designs bras without wires to fit and flatter cup sizes A to G.  Some wireless bras include molded or seamless cups for shaping.

wireless bra
Proof that wireless bras can shape many sizes: Soma’s comfortable Embraceable Wireless in sizes up to DD.


 MYTH: Wireless bras aren’t supportive.

It’s not the cups, underwire, or straps that support your breasts—it’s the band. As long as your wireless bra’s band hugs your body and stays in place when you move, it’s capable of supporting you beautifully. 

wireless bras
Support without the wire: Vanishing Back Wireless.


 MYTH: Wireless bras = uniboob.

Wireless bras left you feeling less than flattered? Don’t blame the lack of wire, blame the size. (80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, so chances are…) Get a free Expert Bra Fitting at any Soma boutique to find the right sizes and styles for you. Even in wireless bras, you can achieve the separation and shape you’re after when the size is right.

wireless bras
Memorable Wireless molds to your body with memory foam cups.


 MYTH: Wireless bras aren’t pretty.

Have you tried bralettes? With pretty lace, many are meant to be seen—and also happen to be wireless. Strappy details, soft lace, and plunging necklines mean style and comfort can coexist.

wireless bras
Bralettes are a great wireless option with many choices.


 MYTH: Wireless bras are only for lounging.

Soma’s innovative bra collections are proof that wireless bras can go far beyond the sofa and your Netflix queue. (But on those days when binge-watching is on the agenda—and you want some support while you control the remote—we’ve got you covered there, too.) New Enbliss™ is our softest bra ever, with wireless bralette and bra options, but comfortable support you can sleep in. 


wireless bras
New Enbliss Wireless is a comfortable bra you won’t want to take off.


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